Default options:


<p>Date: <input id="datepicker" type="text"></p>

Changing date format:


Format options:

<p>Date: <input type="text" id="datepicker2" size="30"/></p>
<p>Format options:<br />
	<select id="format">
		<option value="mm/dd/yy">Default - mm/dd/yy</option>
		<option value="yy-mm-dd">ISO 8601 - yy-mm-dd</option>
		<option value="d M, y">Short - d M, y</option>
		<option value="d MM, y">Medium - d MM, y</option>
		<option value="DD, d MM, yy">Full - DD, d MM, yy</option>
		<option value="'day' d 'of' MM 'in the year' yy">With text - 'day' d 'of' MM 'in the year' yy</option>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
	$("#format").change(function() { $('#datepicker2').datepicker('option', {dateFormat: $(this).val()}); });

Restrict date range trigger by icon:


<p>Date: <input id="datepicker3" type="text"></p>
<?=$ajax->datepicker('datepicker3', array(
    'minDate' => -10, 
    'maxDate' => '"+1M +2D"',
    'buttonImageOnly' => true,
    'showOn' => 'button',
    'buttonImage' => '/img/calendar.gif'

Populate alternative field:


<p>Date: <input type="text" id="datepicker4">&nbsp;<input type="text" id="alternate" size="30"/></p>
<?=$ajax->datepicker('datepicker4', array(
    'altField' => '#alternate', 
    'altFormat' => 'DD, d MM, yy'

Display calendar inline:


Date: <div id="datepicker6"></div>

Datepicer with buttons and month/year selection:


    'showButtonPanel' => true,
    'changeMonth' => true,
    'changeYear' => true

Datepicer with multiple months and week of year number:


<p>Date: <input type="text" id="datepicker8"></p>
    'numberOfMonths' => 3,
    'showWeek' => true




<p>Date: <input type="text" id="datepicker9" size="30"/></p>
<p>Animations:<br />
	<select id="anim">
		<option value="show">Show (default)</option>
		<option value="slideDown">Slide down</option>
		<option value="fadeIn">Fade in</option>
		<option value="blind">Blind (UI Effect)</option>
		<option value="bounce">Bounce (UI Effect)</option>
		<option value="clip">Clip (UI Effect)</option>
		<option value="drop">Drop (UI Effect)</option>
		<option value="fold">Fold (UI Effect)</option>
		<option value="slide">Slide (UI Effect)</option>
		<option value="">None</option>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() {
	$("#anim").change(function() { $('#datepicker9').datepicker('option', {showAnim: $(this).val()}); });


  1. gabrielr wrote:


    I have Questions about, hope you help me.
    What is dayNames option and how I use this in datepicker?


  2. kvas wrote:

    Hi gabrielr!

    dayNames - The list of long day names, starting from Sunday, for use as requested via the dateFormat setting. They also appear as popup hints when hovering over the corresponding column headings. This attribute is one of the regionalisation attributes.

    Try use like this:

    'dayNames' => array('Sunday111', 'Monday', 'Tuesday', 'Wednesday', 'Thursday', 'Friday', 'Saturday')

  3. gabrielr wrote:

    Kvas Thanks for answer !

  4. gabrielr wrote:

    a little contribution:
    I change the Ajax helper and add a custom date Picker Input, to generate in one step the datepicker and the input box, the code is below:

    * CUSTOM: Create an input box with datepicker included
    * @param mixed $id DOM id
    * @param mixed $options $form->input options
    * @param mixed $jq_options datepicker options
    function dtInput($id,$options=array(),$jq_options=array()){
    $input = $this->Form->input($id,$options);
    return $input;

    // Using
    echo $ajax->dtinput('prueba',array('label'=>'DatePicker Input'),array(
    'buttonImageOnly' => true,
    'dateFormat' => "'yy-mm-dd'",
    'showOn' => 'button',
    'buttonImage' => $this->webroot.'/img/calendar.gif',

    I don't know if i Have errors but that was the idea !!!

  5. Smiler wrote:

    Great work Kvas thanks...

    do you think you are able to work time selection into your data picker?

    All the best,

  6. Smiler wrote:


    In addition to my question above, and more importantly, I dont actually see the date picker.. I downloaded your latest ajax.php and javascript.php files and overwritten the old ones my server however I get this error:

    $("#datepicker").datepicker is not a function

    Any ideas?


  7. kvas wrote:


    gabrielr: datepicker can be made from div also, so I don't want to limit users of my Ajax Helper. But this is nice idea if you only use datepicker from inputs. :)

    Smiler: at this moment timepicker is not available. http://haineault.com/media/jquery/ui-timepickr/page/#d-demo-wrapper-1 this one IMO is not the best way to do this and official jquery UI Timepicker is in planning stage: http://wiki.jqueryui.com/TimePicker

    Smiler: about your problem: do you put into your js folder new jqueryui.js file? I think that is the problem...

  8. sukhwinder wrote:

    I have followed all steps from 1-5, still after clicking on date field calendar is not loaded ! pls help

  9. kvas wrote:

    Hi sukhwinder!

    Those examples are not steps, but working samples of code...

    Did you add js and css files from my archive to your layout?

    Maybe you can write any error message that you get in your console?

  10. Sukhwinder wrote:

    hi kvas, Thanx for prompt reply, what i did is :
    i added all 3 Js file to ..webroot/js folder and added to default.ctp layout.
    i added jquery-ui-1.8.4.custom.css file to ..webroot/css folder and called this is default.ctp.
    added javascript.php and ajax.php to app/view/helper folder.
    copied all the images of image folder to ..webrot/img folder
    Enabled all helpers in app_controller
    Now in my view where i want to show the calander, i added a field : echo $this->Form->input('date_of_bearth',array('id'=>'datepicker','type'=>'text'));
    bellow it i have written : echo $ajax->datepicker('datepicker');
    If i check in chrom (inspect element)one error is comming
    "Uncaught TypeError: Object #<an Object> has no method 'datepicker'
    (anonymous function)"

    Please help me

  11. kvas wrote:

    Hi again Sukhwinder!

    I've checked my archive once again and there was no jqueryui libraries :)

    Download it now and add missing file to your js files and in layout.

  12. Sukhwinder wrote:

    Thanx kvas
    it is working now.
    I had to put Image folder inside CSS folder

  13. MaxFreeze wrote:

    Hi! I was trying to use the beforeShowDay function in the datepicker and i always get beforeShowDay:function(event, ui) {noAvaiableDays}, and with this the calendar doesn't work. noAvaiableDays is a function!

  14. kvas wrote:

    Hi MaxFreeze!

    You should try params like this
    'beforeShowDay' => 'return noAvaiableDays(event)'.
    But remember that your function must return result as defined on this site:
    In other way the datepicker will not be shown.

  15. MaxFreeze wrote:

    Hi Kvas,

    I was trying to fix this but i couldn't! now i get that nonWorkingDates is not defined! Any idea ? Thanks in advice!!

  16. kvas wrote:

    Hi MaxFreeze,

    maybe you are using variable named nonWorkingDates that is not defined in your code?

    I can't say anything more, because I've never seen your code and I don't know what you're trying to do...

  17. MaxFreeze wrote:

    Hi again Kvas,

    The variable is definied like this -> http://paste.bradleygill.com/index.php?paste_id=56155

    I use, as you told me, 'beforeShowDay' => 'return nonWorkingDates(event)'

  18. kvas wrote:

    Hi MaxFreeze,

    I think that you shouldn't define your function in $(document).ready(function(){ ...

    Try without it.

  19. dhruvi wrote:

    hi kvas
    i am having the same problem as Sukhwinder has...
    as u have wrote "add jquery ui libraries...i have done that and also added in layout...but the problem was same....calendar is not opening by clicking on text box.
    i have followed same procedure that Sukhwinder has followed
    plz help...

  20. kvas wrote:

    Hi dhruvi,

    Maybe you can try sth like this: 'I had to put Image folder inside CSS folder', as Sukhwinder did.

  21. Al wrote:

    Is there a way to get the datepicker to pop open when you click on an editor?

    I've looked into adding an input type to jeditable but I can't put the pieces together to make it work for this helper.

  22. kvas wrote:

    Hi Al,
    I've never tried something like this, so must try...

  23. Al wrote:

    This fell together easier than I thought. Using the suggestions from here:

    I included this javascript:

    $.editable.addInputType('datepicker', {
    element : function(settings, original) {
    var input = $('<input>');
    if (settings.width != 'none') { input.width(settings.width); }
    if (settings.height != 'none') { input.height(settings.height); }
    plugin : function(settings, original) {
    /* Workaround for missing parentNode in IE */
    var form = this;
    settings.onblur = 'ignore';
    dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'
    }).bind('click', function() {
    return false;
    }).bind('dateSelected', function(e, selectedDate, $td) {

    and by just adding 'type'=>'datepicker' to my input fields I know have a datepicker input!

  24. kvas wrote:

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for info, maybe I should try it to? :)

  25. Robi wrote:

    hi kvas!

    i have a problem with the images.
    the image calendar.gif should be in the directory /img/calendar.gif
    which directory is ment, because i only can see "..." instead of the picture.
    and also in the calendar, the prev / next buttons aren't here. the mouse over is ok, but without the button.
    I have tried many things, but nothing worked.
    The rest is working fine.

    Can you help me?

  26. kvas wrote:

    Hi Robi,
    Maybe you shoul try if your images are available to access from browser?

  27. It's working fine, but wrote:

    Hi.. I need mix some options. Let me explain.
    I need an ISO date yyyy-mm-dd, but I need the calendar be in spanish and be able to choose the year.

    So.. any ideas? thank you.!

    >> 2011-05-12 Enero, Febrero,Marzo, but with a <Select >

  28. It's working fine, but wrote:

    Let me tell you, I read your blog and it gave me valuable information.
    I found the answer to my earlier question, the solution is to use $ extend

    $(function() {
    $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker($.extend({},$.datepicker.regional.es,{
    changeMonth: true,
    changeYear: true,
    dateFormat: 'yy/mm/dd'}) );}); </script>

    Hope it was useful to someone else.

  29. Alfredo wrote:

    Hi there,
    can explain to me, how to get the date and save in to database??

  30. kvas wrote:

    Hi Alfredo,
    Everything is in $this->data varaible. To save data in Db use google.

  31. User wrote:

    What needs to be changed to make it work in cakephp 1.3.8?

  32. UserPh wrote:


    I would like to add a calendar image and the default popup of the calendar... meaning can I have the code to let you select a date even if your not trigerring the calendar image but only clicking the textfield? thanks in advance kvas and any help will be greatly appreciated...

  33. UserPH wrote:

    Ow sorry found my answer here:


  34. SunS wrote:


    Has anyone tried datepicker with CakePHP 1.3.10? I am seeing some issues.

    1. I copied all the contents as explained.

    2. I am able to see the datepicker if I manually add the script for datepicker.
    $(function() {
    $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker();
    This shows that the CSS and JS files are included correctly.

    3. The html does not show that the script for datepicker is added by
    <?ajax->datepicker('datepicker') ?>

    4. I modified datepicker function under helpers/ajax.php to return some dummy value and that value was not shown as well.

    So looks like the ajax->datepicker is not getting invoked the right way. Can someone help resolve this.

    Thanks in advance!

  35. SunS wrote:

    Found the issue

    In my setup only
    <?php > </php>
    tags work.

    So I had to change
    <?=> </>
    <?php echo></>

    and all works. Thanks for the wonderful plugin.

  36. kvas wrote:

    Hi SunS,
    you can enable short_open_tags in your php.ini and the code will work properly.

  37. CriztianiX wrote:

    can explain to me, how to get the date and save in to database? The datepicker is work ok but the content does not appear in $this->data

    In View
    <?php echo $this->Ajax->datepicker('datepicker')?>

    The controller response:

    [Reservation] => Array
    [room_id] => 3
    [area_id] => 5
    [name] => Reunion de Marketing
    [details] => Se solicita...
    [email] => hanse|mail.com


  38. CriztianiX wrote:

    <?php echo $this->Form->input('fecha', array('type' => 'text', 'id' => 'datepicker')); ?>

    <?php echo $this->Ajax->datepicker('datepicker')?>


  39. CriztianiX wrote:

    Sorry. I Correggio as above.

  40. CriztianiX wrote:

    How I can select multiple dates ? is this posible?

  41. kvas wrote:

    Hi CriztianiX,
    JqueryUI does not provide ability to select multiple dates so at this moment it's impossible.

  42. Pablete wrote:

    When showing calendar inline, you use a "div" tag instead of an input field.
    How do you send the date data to the controller?
    I checked $this->data and $_POST and both are empty.

    Thanks in advance!

  43. DY wrote:

    Hi. There's an error in the examples above. It should be:

    <p>Date: <input id="datepicker" type="text"></p>
    <?= echo $ajax->datepicker('datepicker')?>

    The command echo is missing.

  44. kvas wrote:

    Hi DY,
    When you're using short_open_tags you cane use shortcut '<?=' for echoing.

  45. Jose77 wrote:

    Hello kvas.
    Any idea how to set fixed dates?
    I have read the man and says I should use

    . datepicker ("setDate", date)

    but I can not get it to work,


  46. kvas wrote:

    Hi Jose77,
    Try this:
    <?=$ajax->datepicker('datepicker6', array('defaultDate' => "'+2d'"))?>

  47. Pablete wrote:

    hen showing calendar inline, you use a "div" tag instead of an input field.
    How do you send the date data to the controller?
    I checked $this->data and $_POST and both are empty.

    Thanks in advance!

  48. Nix wrote:

    I Have the same problem that Pablete,

  49. kvas wrote:

    Hi Pablete,
    When you display datepicker inline you must handle value from datepicker by your own (in javascript).
    Tou can also try to use datepicker on hidden field, and trigger open on page load.

  50. Rafael wrote:


    Could you explain where the data is located after making the datepicker? You've said that is in $this->data, but...

    If i have (for example) in the view:

    <p>Date: <input id="datepicker2" type="text"></p>
    'maxDate' => +0

    Where it's saved the data? in $this->data->['datepicker2']? (it's not obvious)

    Thanks in advance from Chile!

    PD: In the instalation instructions you should make another step (optional) for adding a localization file because it's not obvious (again) in the "Copy javascript libraries" step (especially for non-native english speakers).

    PD2: If you want to add your localization file just do the following:
    - Look for the desired file in http://jquery-ui.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ui/i18n/
    - Download and put into /app/webroot/js/ directory
    - Add javascript lib to layout (/app/views/layouts/default.ctp , like in the basic Instalation guide)

  51. kvas wrote:

    Hi Rafael,
    To send data from browser to server you need to specify name attribute for input tag.

    For example:
    <input id="datepicker" type="text" name="data[datepicker]" />

    Also added your info about localization in download section. THX

  52. rose wrote:

    can u explain step by step how to use datepicker or jquery ui in cakephp 2.1?? i'm new with cakephp :)

  53. kvas wrote:

    Instalation guide is in download section.
    Try examples here and learn about cake...

  54. rose wrote:

    thank you very much kvas for helping me!

  55. rose wrote:

    thank you very much kvas for helping me!

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