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            'url' => array( 'controller' => 'ajax', 'action' => 'view', 1 ), 
            'update' => 'post' 
    )); ?>

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            'url' => array( 'controller' => 'ajax', 'action' => 'view', 2 ), 
            'update' => 'post2' 
    )?>">This request will be fired when you hover this link</a>


  1. AC wrote:

    great stuff!
    what is the easiest way to get the returned data ( upon success) in the previous example. For example if I want to get the data and manipulate it, rather than updating a div?
    thanks in advance!

  2. Jer wrote:

    Congratulations for your work !

    I'm searching how to use the option 'before' ? I have a form with differents options and i would like pass this options to the RemoteFuncion... It is possible ? Thanks for your help.

  3. Jer wrote:

    I can pass data in url option but i when i pass the value 2, my url looks like this :
    echo $javascript->codeBlock($ajax->remoteFunction(
    'url' => array('controller' => 'assistances', 'action' => 'ajax', '?' => array('parms1' => 'value', 'parms2'=>'value2')),
    'update' => 'incidents',
    'indicator' => 'loading',

  4. kvas wrote:

    AC you can define your callback function in 'success' parameter

    Jer you should try 'with' parameter, but you must give url_query string, not array

  5. Jer wrote:

    Thanks for your answer :-)

    Example of code if anyone want to use this parameter :
    echo $javascript->codeBlock($ajax->remoteFunction(
    'url' => array('controller' => 'assistances',
    'action' => 'ajax'),
    'update' => 'incidents',
    'indicator' => 'loading',
    'with' => "'var1=myvalue&var2=myvalue2'"

  6. uchida from japan wrote:

    Thanks for your support so much.
    I have some problem after settings of this one.
    This remoteFunction doesn't work for my cakephp application.
    I have an error like this.
    invalid XML markup

    Please help me and thanks in advance.

  7. mari wrote:

    hi there!

    i've been using the helper with great success so far, made things a lot easier, thanks for that. but now i'm stuck.

    i'm creating my remote function with the helper, but i need to pass a javascript variable as parameter for my url.


    'url' => array( 'controller' => 'gallery', 'action' => 'loadimage', 'IMAGEID'),
    'update' => 'galleryitem'
    )) . '}'

    where IMAGEID is a var defined in the javascript function that calls the remote function... any idea how to do this? thanks!

  8. kvas wrote:

    Hi mari,

    There is no way to do this with my helper :)

  9. mari wrote:

    bummer! I'll just copy the code it generates then and put some php tags in between :-). Thanks for anwsering and for the great helper!

  10. slim wrote:


    thk you for your work,

    I have a question,can we update more than on field in one call ? suppose we're having the same information displayed twice in the page.
    can't we have :
    'url' => array( 'controller' => 'ajax', 'action' => 'view', 1 ),
    'update' => array('post','post2')
    )); ?>


  11. kvas wrote:

    Hi slim,

    You can use it exacly as you type in your example.

  12. Jeroen Mebis wrote:

    Great helper!
    But your download page doesn't show the helper file for cakephp 2.x

  13. kvas wrote:

    hi Jeroen Mebis,
    "It's working on my machine" :)

  14. Ishan Talathi wrote:

    $this->Javascript->codeblock works on first page load and after pressing Ctrl F5 in Google Chrome. However, it does not work if we refresh (F5).

    Could you please suggest a fix or an alternative ?

  15. Ishan Talathi wrote:

    In my earlier comment, I forgot to mention that text returns fine, but we are using Google Charts API and the chart shows up on Ctrl F5 and not on F5.

  16. kvas wrote:

    Hi Ishan Talathi,
    I don't know what is wrong with your code. Maybe there are errors in chrome console?

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